Consider traveling to Puluong Retreat on your next holiday? You surely want to know about other tourists’ experiences. We have selected some experiences from tourists all over the world.

What domestic visitors say

Mr. Tuan, who came here in a couple was staying for 2 nights commented on 17 December 2016: “This place’s worth our money, the bed is comfortable and the area is stunning but it’s little boring in the evening because there’s no TV or computer in rooms. Wi-Fi is weak and sometimes unavailable.”

Ms. Thu Phương, a student at FPT university shared: “I traveled to Puluong in pouring water season when the summer rains begin pouring down the mountains, water is led from the mountains into terraced rice fields. The immense terraced rice fields glistening water create a surprising beauty and impression. Not only is Puluong very beautiful but also the way to get there, the scenery is so enchanting that visitors can’t stop staring. We should travel in our own car when coming to Puluong, it’ll be easy to travel. There are many ways to get to Puluong but my family chose the direction passed through Hoa Binh Province to enjoy entirely the charming and majestic scenery.

She added: “If you’re interested in taking photos, be ready always to get out of the car on the way because you will be astonished continuously by the scenery.”

The thing she liked best was the fresh air. Especially the morning dawn was very beautiful. She could observe the sunrise behind the mountain ranges, soft clouds looked like a giant white cotton blanket covering the valley. The only thing she didn’t like was the lack of food because it must be transported from far away. The breakfast was free, lunch and dinner were 200.000 dong (about 8.76 US Dollar) per person.

What foreign visitors say

Anais, who come from Holland even shared her photos and left some nice comments: “Amazing location in the middle of nature. We had the suite. Location of the room was really nice and apart from the others. With an outdoor bathtub! It was really amazing!”

Ron Hary from Israel said: “Less touristic than Sapa. We spent a day here. It was raining we did a short trek from the retreat thru the rice terraced to the village. The views were beautiful and the sticky rice was still green and some yellow normal rice still created nice colors. After Sapa I can tell that this place is less touristic and more authentic. The Tay people do not try to follow you with souvenirs they just live there”

Puluong is less touristic and more authentic than Sapa
Puluong is less touristic and more authentic than Sapa

David Kee, an English man who came here in January 2015 said: “Paradise found. A magical place in the mountains where time seems to have almost stood still. Walk through unspoiled landscapes where farming is still carried out in the traditional way and cars are not seen!!”