As a Mekong Delta province, Tien Giang province is blessed with a fertile land and a temperate climate. Therefore, it has been well-known for its delicious fruit and specialties.

Cai Be Fruit Orchard
Cai Be Fruit Orchard in Tien Giang

With the largest fruit area compared to other localities in the country, Tien Giang province is home to many kinds of fruit with high export value, such as Hoa Loc mango, Vinh Kim star apples, Co Co pomelo and other citrus. Cai Be is the pride of the people of Tien Giang as it offers a variety of fruit to other provinces throughout the country and is an attractive place for visitors.

Hoa Loc Mango
Hoa Loc Mango
Co Co Pomelo
Co Co Pomelo

As a province where a tributary of the Mekong river runs through, Tien Giang province also boasts a long coastline, which is favourable for marine economic development, contributing significantly to raising income for local people. Clams, squid, scallops … all are fresh and available to serve visitors. What’s more fun than enjoying fresh seafood on the cool and quiet Go Cong beach?

Clam - Tien Giang is famous for clam growing
Clam – Tien Giang is famous for clam growing

With the advantage of cultural and historical relics and an ecosystem, Tien Giang always proves to be a tourist site with great potential. While in Tien Giang, visitors can not help admiring the artists whose skillful hands have left excellent arts works that have been kept until today. If you want to explore deeper, you can visit traditional craft villages which have been carefully preserved by local people. This is the most precious spiritual gift that ancestors have left us. Because they are carefully preserved, despite the test of time, these villages still retain the essence of their traditional products.

Making conical hat
Bang Buong conical hat making village: A local woman is crafting a conical hat

If you want to enjoy fresh air in the countryside, you should not ignore newly- embellished eco-tourist sites in Tien Giang. They include an orchard on Thoi Son islet and the Dong Tam snake farm. Visiting these places, you will not forget the feeling of excitement while paddling along the river to get to the Cai Be floating market or joining local people in scooping up clams on the Go Cong beach. Local people here are very simple and hospitable. They are willing to treat you to typical specialties of Tien Giang. /.