Situated only 30km from Hanoi, My Hill – Dong Quan Lake Ecological Zone which is in the midst of nature is the perfect green getaway for those who want to get closer to nature and unwind. My Hill offers you not only beautiful pure nature landscape but also exciting adventure activities and BBQ parties making it a fun and relaxing holiday experience.

Located in the suburb of Hanoi, My Hill – a new campsite in Hanoi can be reached in 45 minutes and is set close to some famous sites such as Viet Phu Thanh Chuong or Saint Giong Temple.

On the way to this campsite, you can see cool lush green trees along the roadsides. Dong Quan Lake is surrounded by rugged mountain and vast green grassland.

My Hill – Dong Quan Lake Ecological Zone

This spot is surrounded by three hills, a pristine lake and a beautiful green scenery taking you away from the dust of the city to the tranquility and purity of nature. The melodious orchestra of crickets adds relaxing feeling to the forest.

My Hill offers spacious area where you can take part in activities to enhance your connection to nature: camping, trekking, fishing, … It also organizes some interesting team games such as Snatching name card, Aqua Zorbing, and Hunting classified letter.

Besides, the selection of fun camp activities includes BBQ party. My Hill provides guests with BBQ facilities so you can bring along food to enjoy eating outdoors which is a perfect way to spend time with your family and friends. At My Hill, you can experience the life of primitive humans; you will have to collect firewood yourself, cook your own kitchen, and enjoy yourself in nature. My Hill also has catering service, but you should order one hour earlier.

My Hill – Dong Quan Lake Ecological Zone

My Hill – Dong Quan Lake Ecological Zone

Camping with your friends at My Hill

My Hill – Dong Quan Lake Ecological Zone

Camping is the perfect way to get away from the stress of everyday life, so relax and let the rest of the world fade away by swinging in a hammock.

My Hill boasts a system of huts sitting around the beautiful lake, ịn the lush green and airy space.

If you are a team of under 15 people, you can set up the tent on the lakeside or in the forest. Not only do you receive a memorable experience in the great outdoors, but you can also enjoy good services and meet helpful staffs. This is definitely a place not to be missed for you and your team!

So why don’t you plan your next family vacation or getaway with your friends at My Hill?