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Welcome to Mu Cang Chai EcoLodge

Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge was constructed from 11.2016 and ended on 15.7.2017. Wishing to build a comfortable lodge in the mountains without destroying the landscape as well as the impact on the natural and cultural environment, we sought to utilize and make use of available materials, The materials are still used by the Thai and H’mong ethnic groups. For example, all the frames, trusses, columns are of the Thai, the roof of the Hmong …. The campus of the MCC Ecolodge consists of 5 separate houses are made in the style of stilt house. Thai North West.

Each house is named after the name of some local produce, simple and memorable: rice houses, pine houses, corn houses, tea houses … And the community house includes a restaurant named With such a simple name, we would like to be able to offer you the simplest message of Ecolodge: Experience at Ecolodge is: The real experience is accompanied by impressive, true feelings about services, scenery, culture and most importantly the people at Mu Cang Chai.




Vietnam Destinations

Yen Bai

Acommodation Information

Accomodation Highlights

  • Experience an interesting Ecolodge among rice fields
  • Enjoy tasty cuisines in the Northern Vietnam
  • Admire the breathtaking mountain views and majestic terraced rice fields
  • Experience village local home stay with the warm of ethnic people
  • Catching the special moments sunrise and sunset, hunting fabulous pictures of Mu Cang Chai
  • Discover the life and culture of ethnic minorities in Mu Cang Chai

About the Destination

Mu Cang Chai is a country range of Yen Bai region, for North West area of Vietnam, which is close to 300 kilometers from Hanoi. All through late years, Mu Cang Chai has changed into an outstanding goal for vacationers, scientists and picture takers.

Mu Cang Chai has 700 hectares of terraced rice fields, with 70 percent at three cooperatives: La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, De Xu Phinh. This standard social legacy of an ethnic minority was viewed as a national scene by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Vietnam. The delicate of Mu Cang Chai is the standard temperature all through the entire year is 18.5 Celsius degrees so when the nightfall comes, the region is blanked in dimness and makes vacationers feel they are in late winter of the lowland.

Because of the scene’s steeply slanting geology, the terraced fields are tight; the capability between yards to patios is around 1m to 1.5m, requesting to keep the water sources on the land and ground for making rice on the slant of mountain. So Hmong individuals think an approach to manage keep water by make the land coast on the mountain to make the leveling rice patio fields. The Mu Cang Chai Tours The get point for the water source was taken from the source field upper focuses, for example, stream, and waterfalls where is essential is higher to overcome down the low inspirations driving rice yard handle, the couple used to bamboo tree that is cut section of it for an instrument of getting water into the fields, as indicated by Hmong People’s commitment of wearing out it, they get water into the standard porch by then make the water way to deal with second porch genuinely clamoring dealing with float, by then opening the portal in the fulfillment of buoy. That experience to keep up a fundamental division from the flooding and wash the dirt indulgence.

Moreover, to make the condition of each land apportion, individuals rolls out the improvement of each yard by water that individuals will raise a high place that is bounced on the buoy and moved down to the bog so the fields consolidating slants are water level and a similar stature, making the awesome rice patios of the mountain. Mu Cang Chai rice yard fields is an attestation y to the masterstroke of human hand – Hmong People in the update of nature, to make a novel stunning scene of North-Vietnam “Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace Field”. In the beginning late years, Mu Cang Chai has been one of remarkable Vietnam Tours to visit an uncommon place in the north of Vietnam, especially the rice accumulate coming toward the start of the first – 10 October of the year when it is the best time to visit Mu Cang Chai.

How to get there

  • Getting tours to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi
    Mu Cang Chai is well known for the connect of hazardous paths spreading out for tens kilometers of interminable and primitive scenes, affected degrees of mountains and the quiet and smooth photo of ethnics’ homes secured by yard fields. Mu Cang Chai is found 180 kilometers far from Yen Bai city.

Getting brisk to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi, you can take neighborhood transport, private auto or motorbike.

This heading will show to you industry rules to get to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi and return

1. Travel to Mucangchai with Motorbike
On the off chance that you are a pioneer, motorbike is a not all that awful choice. There is a National Highway No.32 interfacing Lao Cai and National Highway No.37 collaborate with Tuyen Quang. Yen Bai is a travel exhibit for visitors going Mu Cang Chai.

2. Open transport from Hanoi to Yen Bai
Division Hanoi – Mu Cang Chai is 280km. The course condition is awful so you need to take around 1 day to land by transport. It’s ideal to check your landing day. You can purchase tickets at My Dinh station (in the event that you will begin from Hanoi) or Sapa Bus station. Hai Van transport line is mind blowing, clean vehicle and particularly it’s a famous brand among different transport associations.

3. Prepare from Hanoi to Yen Bai city and take transport to Mu Cang Chai town
The trains for the most part pull back around evening time (7:40PM, 8:35PM, 9:10PM, 9:50PM) and touch base in Yen Bai prepare station in the early morning (4 – 5 hours).

Hanoi station has two passages. The fundamental passage masterminded at 120 Le Duan road, Hoan Kiem region, Hanoi. This Gate is generally speaking for South-bound arrangement. In addition, the Station B orchestrated at Tran Quy Cap road, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (generally speaking for North prepare to Sapa, Yen Bai).

Plan arrives Yen Bai in the early morning. It’s sensible to hold up until the late morning to stroll around this zone.

Transport from Yen Bai city to Mu Cang Chai Town

You should wake up before timetable, around 4:30 AM as you require breakfast before getting on a near to transport that leaves at 5.30 AM to Mu Cang Chai Town.

Note: The vehicle won’t stop for breakfast. Transports will pass and non stops.

Google Map Location


Ride on Motorbike at Mu Cang Chai

One Day Be A Farmer Mu Cang Chai

Examine The Local Culture Mu Cang Chai

Playing With Children at Mu Cang Chai

Accomdation Star Rating

3 star

Special Notes

Time of grain season generally speaking start from September 15 to October 20, however there’s a touch of advance every year. You can contact Mu Cang Chai Tours or moreover call couple of lodgings at there to ask the rice status, or leave your request in the comment range, We will find for you. If you can’t visit on the grain season, you can visit on May to August, when H’mong people start sowing, to visit green yards, to a great degree incredible also.

In the gather time of the rice trim, pilgrims take the visit to Mu Cang Chai from late September to early October to see and take photographs of deluges of terraced rice fields, as this is the time when the fields hand mind blowing yellow and shimmer over their fullest eminence. This is in like manner the time when the fields end up being stacked with life as H’Mong ethnic minority farmers in their regular garments collect the prepared rice grains, and shoulder packs of the natural item home through mountains and slants and furthermore over swinging suspension ranges. It is run of the mill to see ethnic minority mothers use texture as a support to pass on their children on their back when they are procuring paddy in the fields in the northwest of Vietnam. Posterity of the farmers continue running all over in the fields, chatting with their people and laughing tuned into the joy of their people in the midst of the accumulate season.

Hotel Facilities

  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wine Bar
  • Meeting Room
  • Golf
  • Kid Club
  • Gym

Acommodation Dinning

Dinning in Brief

You will not enjoy the majestic and beautiful terraces, learn the unique and rustic life of H’mong ethnic group but also the explore Mu Cang Chai’s unique cuisines. A hard but warm- heated  life- a rare thing in the modern world. Some famous foods that you can see and enjoy in Mu Cang Chai.

  1.  Green Rice

Tu Le Commune, van Chan district ( Yen Bai) has been well-known for a big round and white of special sticky rice. This rice has special taste aromatic when cook sticky rice, and so sweet and cool when make Com ( Green Rice)

To make Com, the local of highland Yen Bai – Thai ethnic people have to work meticulously. Rice growing farmers are the only ones who truly understand when it is time to gather young grains to make Com. Then Young rice grains are harvested. Rice is not to beat or crumple up, it must be pluck off, leave rive straw, give through water and roast dry in pan. Roasting pan is made by cast iron, so every grain cereal will not be burned but it is still delicious.   They are then poured into the rice mortar and slightly pounded with a wooden pestle until the husk is removed  from the young sticky grains.

To enjoy Com, it is advisable to chew slowly so that so that one feel the stickiness of the young rice and at the same time to enjoy its sweet, fragrant taste. Visitors to Mu Cang Chai and Tu Le during making Com season ( May or September) will have a chance to see ethnic women-Thai people shifting and winnowing the pounded young rice.

2. Five colors sticky rice

This is a common  dish for party of the populations in northwest of Vietnam, especially Thais people in Mu Cang Chai of the Yen bai Province. The name of the dish comes from the fact that it has five color. According to difference requirements, they can use more or less colors but often there are white, black, purple, yellow colors which are the most used.

The ingenuity of minorities is the use of natural materiel to create colors. With the white they simply use sticky rice, blue and red colors… are made from different plants, and with black they take leaves of Gun to soak rice before cooking. The five colors of the dish represent the five elements of life in the Vietnamese’s’ belief: Yellow is earth, green is plant, red is fire, white is metal, and black is water. People believe that five existent of these five elements create the well-being of the heaven, the earth, the human.

3. Chung Cake

Who have been to Muong Lo – Nghia Lo  would remember the flowers blooming forests of white, remember the dial are the stream of water, the Thai girls like flowers with ravishing tone as fanned his heart. Muong Lo but also many others interesting things, especially the cuisine of ethnic anyone if disposable will remember not to forget. In traditional dishes including Chung cake and black spines – two dishes with bold national culture nuances contained human feelings and earth here.

Chung cake must be packed manually. Firewood to boil cake is firewood to keep good coal, put the bread into the pot when boiling, covered region. At the boiling pot of boiling yet bread to the fire, when the pot was boiling cake will keep fire, heat enough to  cook puree, cooked evenly, boil 6-7 hours. When cooked, take out the last rinse water in pots and hanging cake into pairs so that not moldy bread.  Enjoy a piece of cake, feel very special flavor, aroma of sticky, sweet, fatty pork highland, the day fleshy green park, the forest’s strange.

4. Grill Chicken

Grill chicken with leave of Mac Mat for grill dishes of Thai people in general in Vietnam or Mu Cang Chai in particular, the leave of Mac Mat really important spice. The grill chicken with leaves of Mac Mat has sweet and sour taste. This dish is served with Cham Cheo- a kind of sauce mixed of salt, fragrant herbs of different kinds of ethnic groups in the northwest of Vietnam.

5. Pa Pinh Top grill fish

Pa Pinh Top grill fish is an indispensable dish in the cuisine of the Thai ethnic people in Vietnam. Depending on the language of this people, the mean ” folded and grilled fish” . They often use steam carp for grilling. The cookers take the typical spices in the gastronomy of  Thai people in Mu Cang Chai to marinate: Seed of Mac Khen, ginger, garlic, aromatic herbs of different kinds…

Restaurants and Dinner

Son Tra Restaurant

You will not enjoy the majestic and beautiful terraces, learn the unique and rustic life of H’mong ethnic group but also the explore Mu Cang Chai’s unique cuisines. A hard but warm- heated  life- a rare thing in the modern world.

Restaurant Serving

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Accomodation Rooms


Room Overview

At lodge, we have 4 bungalows which include 7 private room ( 4 double room + 3 twin room).

In the Double room: there are 2 bed: big one ( 2m x 2m) and small one ( 1m x 2m).Normally this room for 2 people or family but we also transform as triple room when guest demand . We can separate the big bed by 2 small bed ( 1m x 2m)

In the twin room: there are only 2 small bed ( 1m x 2m), sometime the guest require , we combine 2 bed by one big bed for couple.


Room Benefits

  • Bathroom with shower
  • Toiletries
  • Towers
  • Hairdryer

Type of Room

  • Double
  • Twin

  • Rice field

Adult Occupancy: 2

Children Occupancy: 1

Communal House

Room Overview

We have one biggest house – communal house which has 17 bed ( 1m x 2m).

In the communal house there are 8.5 pavilions, the width of each 3.5 m, they are separated by curtain. In each room there are 2 single beds and we can make double bed depend on your request. So overall in this community home, we have 17 single beds

All room we have the comfortable mattress 20cm, in this area we don’t need aircondition because its altitude is 1430m above sea level but in the winter time we have 2 fireplace at Son tra Restaurant.

Room Benefits

  • Bathroom with shower
  • Toiletries
  • Towers
  • Hairdryer

Type of Room

  • Double
  • Twin

  • Rice field

Adult Occupancy: 2

Children Occupancy: 11

Spa & Wellness

Spa Facilities

  • Beauty Salon
  • Steam & Sauna
  • Treatmen Room
  • Outdoor Yoga Deck
  • Wellness Lounge