La Vie Vu Linh is a community tourism development project with a strong focus on responsible and sustainable investment activities through Education, Environment and local Culture preservation. The long-term goal is to bring about a better life to the Dzao Minority people living in the region and more widely to contribute to the Yen Bai Province economic development.

Far from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and yet at only 2 hours and a half drive from Noi Bai International Airport and a bit more than 3 hours from Hanoi, visitors to La Vie Vu Linh can enjoy the natural hills, water landscape and fresh air of this Northern Vietnam ethnic minorities area. Silence and space offered by the unique setting of the Thac Ba Lake (Yen Bai Province) will allow them to make unforgettable off the beaten tracks excursions and encounters.

The ecolodge built according to local traditional techniques is nestled amongst the other houses of the Dzao minority Ngoi Tu village and is closely connected to the local cultural and social life. The lodge staff are mainly recruited from the nearby villages and tourism activities developed (treks, local boat trips, medicinal plants tours, community workshops, inter-cultural events…) all are carried out with the participation of the local Dzao Community providing them with the opportunity to improve their living conditions.

On-site sustainable developments include initiatives to show and convince villagers and visitors alike that economical development can go hand in hand with better environmental protection and a more ecological lifestyle while preserving the local cultural traditions.

A School education project aims at providing the Lodge staff and youngsters from neighboring villages with some basic languages and professional skills to enhance their opportunities to progress in their professional life.

A fruit trees and tropical vegetables Agroforestry project aims at proving that wealth can be generated from another farming model than the current environmentally harmful monoculture of eucalyptus and manioc.

A biogas production and associated water phyto-purification project wants to convince locals that a more ecological lifestyle (energy production and waste water treatment) using modern technologies is economically affordable.

Cultural Preservation and exchange can be achieved daily through simple moments and fun activities such as preparing and sharing a typical Dzao meal. Walks and treks organized with local guides, seasonal ethnic ceremonies, together with the Annual Cultural Fusion Festival will try and convince locals that Preservation of their traditional Culture is key not only for their survival but also can contribute to their economic development.

All rooms are built using local knowledge and materials to ensure you a beautiful stay.


The menu at the ecolodge offers a special “Fusion Cuisine” composed of varied and tasty food, coming from the encounter between the Dzao Cuisine and dishes from all over the world. All the products used in the kitchen are fresh and natural, brought every two days from a local market.


La Vie Vu Linh offers a large range of activities: visit the area with a local guide, make excursions in the jungle to understand more about medicinal plants, be invited in Home-stays, make bamboo raft races on the lake and many more.


La Vie Vu Linh offers a large range of activities for those who are willing to have an immersive experience in Dao culture.

Coming, staying and having fun at La Vie Vu Linh Ecolodge, visitors are thus directly involved in helping to develop local prosperity in a sustainable way.