Have you ever wanted to know how the daily life of a farmer was like? Mekong Rustic Homestay allows you to help out with daily chores. Not only experience rustic stay and Vietnamese culture at Mekong Rustic Homestay, guests can enjoy a range of activities offered by this rustic lodge. Take a look at the activities list below:


Come enjoy the different culture and tastes of Vietnam. The Mekong Delta Region is world famous for its abundance of fresh fish, snails, shrimp, and a large variety of fruits and vegetables. The local Vietnamese people are always happy to guide you on how to cook and create many authentic and regional dishes.


In the Mekong Delta Region people use unique and unusual methods of fishing. One fun type of fishing that you can experience firsthand is Is “fish slapping.”  Wade into the narrow and shallow mud filled water ditch where fish must pass thru. Set up your net and slap the water driving the fish into the net. You can also try your hand at bamboo basket fishing or even catching fish by hand. The local people will help guide you thru each unique and exciting fishing adventure. Afterwards, you can enjoy cooking and eating your fresh catch!


The Mekong Rustic is famous for its lush mango, rambutan, grapefruit, orange and bell plum gardens. Most families on Tan Phong Island have these private gardens and cultivate many fruit staples used throughout the year. Come and enjoy the wide variety of delicious fresh fruit for yourself.


To the people of the Mekong Delta, boats are not only a means of transport, they are also used as their homes and for commerce. Here you can not only take a boat ride to visit the floating market, you can also explore the many local waterways and observe the everyday lives of people living and working on the Mighty Mekong.


At Mekong Rustic, bicycles are the only means you can use to tour our beautiful Tan Phong Island. Cycling also gives you the chance to observe, meet and speak with the local residents. With a bike you can enjoy the fresh air, quiet surroundings and beautiful scenery of vast orchards. Come relax and enjoy this memorable experience with us.