You will feel like you are truly in paradise in this beautiful destination with clear blue sea, coconut trees swaying gently in the wind, stretch and stretch of long white sand.

Hon Gam Ghi Island

Hon Gam Ghi Island (also known as Hon Dam Ngang) is very primitive and unspoiled.

Hon Gam Ghi is an idyllic island located in the south of An Thoi Archipelago (Phu Quoc, Kien Giang) on the Gulf of Thailand. The An Thoi archipelago has been famous for its numerous small and large islands; most of which are pristine islands with amazing ecological diversity.

Hon Gam Ghi Island is a great destination for exploring the ocean with lovely beaches surrounded by coral.

The beach here is unspoiled and attractive with numerous rocks of different shapes on the stretching white sand. The sea waves continuously crash into these rocks with spray and foam creating a majestic natural scenery.

Hon Gam Ghi Island

The clear turquoise waters of the sea at the beach of Hon Gam Ghi will show you its stunning seabed with colorful coral reefs.

The wind blowing through the coconut trees line day and night with the sea waves create a wonderful symphony of nature.

The thick carpet of coral reefs in Hon Gam Ghi Island stretches out from the shoreline.  This is also the coral reserve of the south of Phu Quoc Island.

Hon Gam Ghi Island

There is currently only one way to go to Gam Ghi Island: taking a boat from An Thoi Port. On the way, visitors can admire the wonderful natural beauty of the immense ocean.

Hon Gam Ghi Island

Come to Hon Gam Ghi, you will be relaxed with many interesting activities. For those who love to explore, you can try diving to enjoy the beauty of the colorful coral reefs. Sometimes you can catch the sight of fish swimming in schools along the reefs.