Do you ever dream of a holiday on an uninhabited island where there is no internet, TV or modern equipment and you can experience living like Robinson Crusoe?

Sitting on one of the small islands located in An Thoi peninsula to the South of Phu Quoc, Hon Dam Island is called “Robinson’s island” for its isolation and pristine. On this island, there is no internet access and the Homestay tries to reduce maximally the electricity use in order to offer guests a complete ambiance of relaxation, not affected by the outside world.

Hon Dam possesses a great variety of underwater creatures, which are mostly covered with stones and rare coral reefs in Phu Quoc. Also, the island is non-touristy, Hon Dam Island Homestay is the only one accommodation and there are no other entertainment services.

The resort with eco-friendly design: thatched roofs, bamboo furniture and the stilt-house dormitory. The resort consists of bungalows which are located on the sandy beach next to the sea, amongst the dense bushes and a separate simple dormitory.

Not only have no internet access, the homestay also does not have other modern conveniences such as TV, air-conditioner or refrigerator. The resort’s electricity system is powered by solar energy. You will become a real Robinson!!!

Hon Dam Island is perfect for those who want to spend as much time relaxing as possible. On your stay, you can have a more close-to-nature island experience. At night, you can enjoy dinner right on the beach, listening to the sound of relaxing ocean waves.

The resort boasts 4 bungalows, 1 sea view bungalow and a stilt-house dormitory which has 16 beds. The bungalows feature no door, only a thin bamboo panel to cover. Therefore, guests can admire this beautiful landscape any time of the day.

Stilt-house dormitory

The accommodation ensures that your stay is as quiet and relaxing as possible.

Although the homestay is simple, it’s well-equipped with modern sanitary facilities.

The homestay has no restaurant service but you will be provided your meals every day. Guests will be served with fresh and flavor seafood such as raw herring, steamed squid, mackerel, sour soup.

A tourist fishing leisurely on Hon Dam island

Hon Dam Island is also an ideal place for trekking lover as it is set amongst the high mountains. Standing on the mountain top, you can watch the vast ocean with the blue sky.