This quiet corner of Sapa which is a beautiful, mountainous town in northern Vietnam along the border with China is a haven for nature lovers, active families, and anyone who wants to get away from it all. Sa Pa is itself amazing to many tourists and if you want it to have a stay at Sapa as authentic as possible, come to these lovely huts in the mountain.

Hmong Mountain Retreat is an eco retreat in Ban Ho Village, Sa Pa, 6km from the city center which is very close to tourist attractions like Cau May, Thac Bac, Den Mau.

At Hmong Mountain Retreat, guests will find a new home away from home! All bungalows have well-designed furniture and layout, but all offer a quiet refuge at the end of the day. The huts were all made by the village men without any use of modern technology. In addition, all units are non-smoking. The view from the bungalow is something guests will never forget. The accommodations don’t have private bathroom and shower, but the common one located in the main gathering house is really clean and well maintained.

You will sleep in the middle of the rice paddy fields in a hut made of mud and bamboo in which you find a good, broad bed with warm blankets and a mosquito net and one light bulb. Moreover, the view from your bed and/or terrace will be amazing. Early morning, you will wake up to the amazing view of the mountains.

The mud rendered bungalow at Hmong Mountain Retreat

There’s also the main gathering house where guests can take rest and spend time talking with each other. The staff at the retreat and some of the Hmong villagers can speak and understand English enough for proper communication.

The main house at Hmong Mountain Retreat

Due to being in a remote area, sometimes there is a power cut and the resort will serve guests dinner in the dark and with candles around.

Breakfast is provided daily, a simple fare of eggs, toast and tomato sauce, morning coffee or tea. The resort also serves lunch and dinner but you would have to ask the staff in the morning. Otherwise you can go to Sa Pa Town looking for some nice restaurants.

At night in the retreat, the staff light oil lamps for the passageway to the main gathering area. However, it would help if you had extra torchlights.

Discover the color of Vietnam

Cooking class

Complex, spicy and flavorful. Northern Vietnamese food has a way of igniting each and every taste bud. Spicy pho breakfasts, crunchy banana flower salad lunches and arrays of richly seasoned chicken, duck, fish and mixed vegetable dinners are among the best dishes which you should taste and try making them.

In an impressive outdoor kitchen, guests can learn to delicately make spring rolls, slice and marinate banana flowers, saute chicken with a garlic and chile mixture and make sweet rice pudding.


Sa Pa is a popular trekking base, it overlooks the terraced rice fields of the Muong Hoa Valley, and is near the 3,143m-tall Phang Xi Pang peak, which is climbable via a steep, multiday guided walk. Guests can take a trek through the villages and mountains with a local Hmong guide.


Discovering surrounding hill tribal, markets and villages on two wheels are always the best choice for those who want to experience Sapa in a new creative way. The resort offers bicycles rental, from the retreat, guests can explore the road less traveled with stunning view.

Set among spectacular limestone mountains and terraced rice fields, the Hmong Mountain Retreat is truly loved at first sight. If you´re looking for a quiet stay and get closer to local culture and local people, this eco retreat in Sa Pa is truly a site for your dream holiday.