Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay
Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay

Next to the well-known Dong Mo golf course, 35km from west of Hanoi, Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay offers numerous services and facilities: hotels, restaurants, golf course, playground for kids, ecological zone, stilt houses, fishing pond, pet garden and Hai Cang farm.

Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay is an ideal destination for those who can’t spend time on long holidays. A stay at this resort offers you every minute living among nature.

This resort has 18 convenient rooms with river view, 4 modern design VIP rooms, and 2 Super VIP rooms. All rooms are equipped and luxury furniture design.

Besides convenient rooms, Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay also has a large meeting room which has modern light and sound system for important conferences and events.

Especially, there is a smart massage swimming pool which is installed with a water filtration systems and an automatic sea wave generator. It will be very relaxing to swim in this pool or lie resting on the sunbed and enjoy a glass of juice. The spacious surrounding is also an ideal place for young people to have a cocktail party.

This Farmstay also offers entertainment facilities such as golf course, bike rental, fishing, 2 karaoke rooms, billiards, table tennis, football field, badminton yard, play landscaping with hills, sandpit for kids, …

The delicious gastronomy is the most impressive thing to tourists. Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay’s restaurant offers delicious gastronomy: the menu is plentiful with over 150 dishes folk yet delicate such as Fish baked with banana leaves, Wine oxtail stew, …

Delicious gastronomy at Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay

Besides the main restaurant (Hai Cang Restaurant), there’s also a complex of country-like restaurants which are built on bamboo, red brick floor. With the structure of open space, guests will have the sense of nature despite sitting indoors.

Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay's restaurant

At Hai Cang Farm of the Farmstay, guests can catch fish, choose clean and fresh aliments such as fish, shrimp, chicken, duck, wild boar, porcupine, tortoise … with well-cared vegetables adhering to an extremely strict Food Hygiene Process at Hai Cang Farm.

The fresh organic farm at Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay
The fresh organic farm at Hai Cang Dong Mo Farmstay