Ha Giang is the northern most province of Vietnam. It is shaped like a conical hat, protecting a land borderline of 300 km sharing with China. In the field, the nature offers the province a charming and “unique” beauty which other provinces do not have. Ha Giang is known as a stone plateau area with its most famous site being Dong Van plateau, and having many high mountains, deep forests, caves, crisscrossed rivers and rich flora and fauna. There are 22 ethic minority groups living in the province, having their own diversified history and cultural traditions. The country has an abundant and diversified tourism resource, especially historical, cultural and ecological tourism.

The nature offers Ha Giang a charming and “unique” beauty which other provinces do not have
The nature offers Ha Giang a charming and “unique” beauty which other provinces do not have

When visiting Ha Giang, tourists will visit a multi-cultural ethnic minority area, where they can visit villages of Mong, Tay, Nung, Lo Lo, Dao, Muong, Pa Then and Thai minority ethnic groups, each place having its own history and culture. Traditional festivals of Ha Giang ethnic groups are abundant, including a birthday festival of a year-old baby, a new house celebration, new crop, festival to worshipping the death of Mong people, fire jumping festival of Pathen people, funeral festival of Lo Lo people, Khau Vai love market, festivals for then, “luon” singing, pan-pipe dances…

Khau Vai Love Market
Khau Vai Love Market: the dating fair, where people find love

The tourists who attend ethnic groups’ festival in Ha Giang enjoy the new things passionately, and have better understanding on local history, contemplate various colours of ethnic groups’ costumes… together with maize wine, which make them more exciting and happy.

An ethnic woman making maize wine

Eco tourism heading to mountain, forest, river, mountain climbing, waterfall overcoming to get closer to the nature is also attractive to tourists, especially foreigners when visiting Ha Giang. Ha Giang boasts many beautiful and impressive landscapes that charm people. They are the endless Tay Con Linh mountain range, Quan Ba heaven gate, Pho Bang, Pho Cao, Lung Cu, Dong Van, Nho Que river which looks like a silver fall in the middle of the immense mountain and forests, high peak Ma Pi Leng, Meo Vac….Adorning the mighty limestone mountains are curling rivers, green floristic cover of the primeval forests which contain the secret of the typhical fauna and flora of the limestone mountain ranges for tourists to explore. The Dong Van stone plateau has recently been regcognised as the World Geological Park and Natural Heritage by UNESCO./.