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If you are looking for more from your Halong Bay experience, consider 3 days 2 nights cruise. Dedicated three days to Halong considerably expands what you can do while in the Bay. You will be able to explore the...
If you are looking for more from your Halong Bay experience, consider 3 days 2 nights cruise. Dedicated three days to Halong considerably expands what you can do while in the Bay. You will be able to explore the...
Chay Lap Farmstay is the ideal starting point for your Vietnam journey of discovery which offers you the experience of staying close to nature and discovering the Vietnamese culture.
Cat Tien Jungle Lodge is a jungle combined with yoga retreat set deep in the jungle where you can immerse deeply in nature with eco-friendly bungalows or biking trip and outdoor BBQ parties.
Located in peaceful natural landscapes of Hue, Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs Resort is a sanctuary for those seeking tranquillity and a spiritual retreat to relax and de-stress.
What’s better than staying in a poetic landscape and having the whole valley and lake to yourself and all you have to do is just relax? This eco retreat is set in the beautiful valley of the peaceful countryside and is the perfect home base for your outdoor adventures.
Just over 2 km from Cuc Phuong National Park, Cuc Phuong Resort & Spa attracts tourists to this healing place, rife with vegetation, and hot mineral springs touted to revitalize the body and keep the soul at peace.Located 120...
Do you ever dream of a holiday on an uninhabited island where there is no modern equipment and you can experience living like Robinson Crusoe? Hon Dam Island Homestay is a real eco retreat that will offer you this kind of experience.
Naman Retreat is a spa resort which has a unique design with amazing natural surroundings, perfect for a spa holiday.
Instead of spending your weekend relaxing at home, choose to stay at these homestays or eco retreats: staying in the excellent hideaway from the busy city life and romancing your soul by immersing yourself in nature. Waking up to the pristine nature by reading with a coffee in hand will refresh your mind for the new week. Head to these eco retreats near Hanoi after a grueling week at work.
Vietnam is the perfect place for a spa holiday for those who want to be pampered within an inch of their life. Here are 10 these luxury health and wellness retreats in Vietnam striving for your best in fitness and health feels like an indulgence.
Worthy of its name, Sali House is neither a hotel nor a guest house but a home: a truly cozy and simple home in the unspoiled natural scenery of Hoang Lien Mountain. At Sali House, guests will have the experience of a real eco retreat as you will have the chance to live like local people.
Rustic and tranquil homestays among Sa Pa mountains will bring you a real experience of eco retreat: being surrounded by nature and integrated into the daily life of the rural village of Sa Pa.
Sapa Heavenly Homestay - the eco homestay offers you the chance to stay in the middle of a mountainous village in Northern Vietnam, surrounded by beautiful fields and interesting local culture.
Hmong Mountain Retreat is an eco retreat in Ban Ho Village, Sa Pa, 6km from the city center which is very close to tourist attractions in Sapa. Sa Pa is itself amazing to many tourists and if you want it to have a stay at Sapa as authentic as possible, come to these lovely huts in the mountain.
(No.8, Vol.4,Sep-Oct 2014 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)More than four hours on a bus from Saigon, I and a dozen people stopped at Cat Tien Farm Stay, Dong Nai Province. Cat Tien Farm Stay is not a place for those who...
There is no better way to experience the real living of local people in Mekong Delta than staying a night with the local family. Binh Tien Farmstay offers you the chance to off the beaten track and explore absolute non-touristy...
Being tired after a long and hard week at work, are you looking for a place to hide away on the weekend? What about staying close to nature on an oasis of tranquility in the countryside? Tam Coc Garden...
Puluong Retreat is an ideal choice for those who love nature and want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of modern life to find a serene place and immerse themselves deeply in nature. Living and doing things...

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