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Cat Tien Jungle Lodge is a jungle combined with yoga retreat set deep in the jungle where you can immerse deeply in nature with eco-friendly bungalows or biking trip and outdoor BBQ parties.
Cat Tien is such a dreamland for tourists who love adventures like biker and hiker. If you come to Cat Tien as a tourist, we suggest you a wide selection of ecolodges with reasonable prices for your entire experience in this beautiful land.
Set just next to the peaceful Dong Nai River and beautiful gardens surrounding, Cat Tien River Lodge is an ecolodge in Cat Tien which is a well-located place to relax on the doorstep of Cat Tien National Park. The countryside jungle atmosphere makes Cat Tien River Lodge the perfect vacation spot and a change from everyday life.
Cat Tien Jungle Lodge invites adventure travelers & everyone to discover nature’s mysteries, appreciate its splendors, bask in its wonders. You can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the hot tub, sauna, outdoor pool, spa at the ecolodge.
(No.8, Vol.4,Sep-Oct 2014 Vietnam Heritage Magazine)More than four hours on a bus from Saigon, I and a dozen people stopped at Cat Tien Farm Stay, Dong Nai Province. Cat Tien Farm Stay is not a place for those who...

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