Vast terraced rice fields stretching throughout the hills in Sapa, grandiose mountainous landscapes and purple circuit triangular flower garden in Ha Giang; Vietnam’s top eco destinations always attract visitors from all over the world with its romantic beauty in Autumn.

Contemplating the triangle circuit flowers in Ha Giang Province

Autumn in Ha Giang makes people captivating and emotional. In Autumn, the colorful carpet of triangle circuit flowers blossoming covers the valley, the mountainside and mountainous tribes with its white and pink colors which create a poetic scenery in the majestic landscape of mountains.

The triangle circuit flowers in Ha Giang Province

There are many locations in Ha Giang where visitors can admire the beauty of triangle circuit flower fields like Lung Cu Flag Tower, Sung La Valley, Dong Van Stone Plateau, Pho Cao Commune, Ma Le Commune, …

The triangle circuit flowers in Ha Giang Province

Ha Giang also entices tourists with its ripen terraced rice fields which is on the foot of Tay Con Linh Mountain in Hoang Su Phi. In addition, Ha Giang offers visitors some tourist attractions such as H’Mong King Palace, Dong Van Ancient Town, Khau Vai Love Market or Lung Cu Flag Tower – Viet Nam’s northernmost point.

Ripening rice fields in Sapa

Sapa is always a tourist attraction at any time of the year: Sapa mountains are covered by white snow in winter, pink cherry blossom in bloom and plum flowers blossom when spring comes, yellow ripening rice fields in autumn.

Ripen rice fields in Sapa
The harvest time in Sapa often comes in September every year

Sapa is very sweet and romantic in Autumn. During the season when the rice fields are ripe, the terraced paddy fields in Sapa become a gorgeous expanse of yellow, filling the air with its fresh fragrance. Autumn is also the best time to visit Sapa when the weather is dry and cool. Tourists can also visit famous sites and experience the life and culture of ethnic minorities.

The terraced rice fields stretching in Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao
The terraced rice fields stretching in Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao

Far about 10km from Sapa town to the southeast, Muong Hoa Valley with its charming natural scenery is the leading tourist attractions in Lao Cai. There are some more attractions that you should visit in Sapa like Silver Fall, O Quy Ho, Ham Rong Mountain, Heaven Gate.

Moc Chau Plateau in the season of wild cabbage’s flowers

Moc Chau is not only famous for its tea gardens, green pastures and dairy farms but also for its wild cabbage’s flowers fields. When autumn comes, Moc Chau appears beautiful in the fog and cloud with wild cabbage’s flowers which attract many tourists and photographers. Dotted somewhere in that fresh white color are rustic woody houses, making the scene warmer with the first rays of the sun dawning on the plateau.

The wild cabbage’s flowers in Moc Chau bloom in the early November, covering the valleys and mountains with white color.

Moc Chau Plateau in the season of wild cabbage's flowers

Moreover, local people are very friendly and you will love the pellucid eyes of cute children here. The visitors always want to take some photos of innocent children here.

Mekong Delta in Flooding Season

Admiring the pure white cajuput flowers, visiting idyllic villages of southern Vietnam or enjoy specialties … bring visitors unforgettable memories.

Flooding season which occurs annually from October to November is an interesting natural phenomena. It will be an unforgettable experience to take a cruise to the forest to admire white cajuput flowers in full bloom under the early sunshine. Sometimes, birds singing and the sound of oars stirring in the water disturbs the quiet atmosphere of the forest.

Flooding season not only brings the people of the West the picturesque scenery, but also brings them precious natural gifts: anchovy, and some seasonal vegetables… Ca Mau land is beautiful in flooding season.

Mekong Delta in Flooding Season
Ca Mau land is beautiful in flooding season

Coming to the West of Vietnam in flooding season, visitors can also enjoy the delicious specialties such as hot pot fish soup, smoked hamsters, grilled frog, stir-fried frog with passionate flavor will bring visitors a memorable experience.