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Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay literally means “descending Dragon Bay”, is actually the most popular travel destination of Vietnam. This Bay is the part of Halong city and is quite popular for the limestone rock formation. According to the local people, when Vietnam started to develop into a country the biggest challenge was to get rid of the invaders. Therefore, God sent some dragons to help them and the land on which the mother dragon was descended was name as Halong Bay.This land has beautiful vegetation that rises from the ocean and presents a beautiful and awe-inspiring scene. This Bay is quite popular travel destination and is the major attraction to most of the tourists from around the world. Halong Bay cruise is quite popular in this region. There are numerous companies which are offering Halong Bay cruises to the tourists. It is an honor for the local people that Halong bay was listed as UNESCO World Heritage site and later in 2000 it was recognized for its extraordinary geological value. Another achievement for this bay is that it was nominated as New7Wonders of Nature in 2009 and was later named as New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2012.There are thousand cruises on Halong Bay. But on this website, we only list these cruises that have good quality, good properties, and some of them go on a new way Hanoi-Haiphong highway, instead of take you 3 hours and a half as before, now with new way, it only take you 2 hours and a half. These cruise also park overnight on the border between Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island where not many cruises are parking as the original Halong bay center.

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