Green Vietnam Ecolodge is a truly unique experience of rural northern Vietnam and its serenity and beauty.

Since 2010, Green Vietnam Ecolodge has opened their site to responsible tourism and welcome domestic tourists as well as international tourists to their beautiful and comfortable ecolodge. The eco lodge’s  traditional thatched-roof stilt houses are located on a hillside a minute’s walk from the dining area and surrounded by beautiful mixed fruit orchards and organic vegetable gardens overlooking the surrounding hills and valleys, rice fields and forested mountains beyond.

The Lodge offers two options: Private rooms in a large stilt house and Private bungalows (small stilt houses)

The large stilt house is perfect for families with children and groups, and will sleep up to 16 people comfortably (based on double occupancy).

All rooms are equipped with double bed with mosquito net and furniture. There’s a spacious common room for guests to spend time together. Each room also has a surrounding balcony with the breathtaking view and western styled toilet and shower facilities with hot water.

The bungalows offer complete privacy for one or two people. It’s ideal for a romantic getaway but can also work for a couple and child. Each bungalow includes a private balcony, double bed and Western styled toilet and shower facilities with hot water.

One couple described their stay in a bungalow as “It’s just like going into another world. Here too you are surrounded by orchards, gardens and nothing but nature’s beauty.”

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the open-air dining area at the bottom of the hill. According to your wishes, they can be served traditional Vietnamese style on mats or at tables. At Green Vietnam you can enjoy farm-fresh produce, meat and fish prepared by the talented and experienced cook. Many guests have said that it is the best Vietnamese food they ever ate.

All ingredients come from their own farm or, in some cases, from neighboring farms. You will have dishes featuring just-picked vegetables and fruit, natural tofu, completely free-range chicken, fish and pork.

The Farm

In 2007, after many years of travel throughout Vietnam and diverse experience, the eco lodge’s owners decided to develop an organic fruit and vegetable farm in Tuyen Quang Province. The aim was to create an alternative to environmentally harmful deforestation, monocropping and chemical agroforestry while, at the same time, improving the lives of farmers.

Now, Green Vietnam includes eleven organic fruit and vegetable farms spread over 55 hectares (136 acres), with humanely-raised, really free-range ducks, Muscovy ducks, chickens and pot-belly/wild pigs as well as fish.

Green Vietnam is filled with indigenous forest trees and fruit orchards, with vegetables and flowers. The soil is covered and moist. The air is cooler than anywhere else around. Free-range chickens and Muscovy ducks fertilize the soil. Caterpillar-eating birds have multiplied.

And all those who come to visit see and taste what agriculture in harmony with nature can produce.

A wide range of outdoor activities offered

Surrounding by gardens and scenic hills and valleys, Green Vietnam Ecolodge offers guests a wide range of outdoor activities. You can hang out all day and enjoy the farm and the stunning landscape around the lodge. The lodge also offers bikes rental for mountain bike tours through the valley. For those who like to feel the sense of time slowing down can enjoy boating and fishing on Green Vietnam lake. Guests can also swim in the Lo River or Visit the twice-weekly Binh Xa market (on Wednesday and Sunday).

Guided Tours

Green Vietnam Ecolodge offers 2 tours on motorbike: a tour to Dong Tien (“Magic Cave”), Thac Tien (“Magic Waterfall”) and Hmong and Dao ethnic-minority villages; and a tour to Tram Chu mountain, waterfall and Muong and Dao ethnic-minority village. Motorbike tours are organized for one day.

Guests can also enjoy a special organic picnic lunch or meal with one of the lodge’s local partners

Green Vietnam Ecolodge is one of the best ecolodges in Vietnam to hide from the bustle and hustle of the city at the weekend. Mostly by word-of-mouth, Green Vietnam Farm and Ecolodge now attracts more foreign visitors than anywhere else in Tuyen Quang Province.