Renowned as the most royal city in Vietnam, the picturesque Hue will not only surprise you with its many beautiful sceneries but also with these 5 luxury eco-resorts!

Hue Riverside Resort & Spa

Hue Riverside Resort & Spa is located right on the banks of the Perfume River, with beautiful and pure nature surrounded. This is one of the eco-friendly resorts with the lush green hues of many plants and river.

The architecture of Hue Riverside Resort & Spa is featured and unique, inspired by ancient houses in Hue with yellow brick walls, red tile roofs lurking behind the row of green trees which create a peaceful, secluded and quiet space.

The beautiful pool and alfresco area
The beautiful pool and alfresco area

Each room at the resort are a harmonious combination of modernity and antiquity. Some rooms also have private swimming pools which provide you the perfect stay of freedom and relaxation.

The bedroom is a combination of sophisticated modernity and ancient colors that make the space very cozy and intimate.

In addition, the bedroom is also spacious and airy, overlooking the beautiful campus of the resort.

One of the best thing at Hue Riverside Resort & Spa is that you will have the opportunity to enjoy Hue Royal Court Music, try planting vegetables and harvest fresh vegetables in the resort’s own garden, take in a cycling or a boating tour to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Perfume River, enjoy the green space and fragrant flowers of grapefruit in the resort’s garden.

Enjoying Hue Royal Court Music while dining at the resort restaurant
Enjoying Hue Royal Court Music while dining at the resort restaurant
Bicycles are available for guests: Enjoy a leisurely ride through the resort and its neighborhood

It can be said, Hue Riverside Resort & Spa is a great stay when you visit the ancient capital of Hue. With a reasonable price, the comfortable room and quality service, Hue Riverside Resort & Spa is always one of the most crowded resorts in this city.

Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa Hue

Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa is one of the most beautiful and favorite resorts in Hue. Situated on the edge of a tranquil lagoon, this resort shows you a different beauty of Hue city.

The entire resort consists of 27 bungalows designed as lagoon-style bungalows, enjoying the beautiful surroundings and peaceful atmosphere.Beautiful sunset in the lagoon.

Beautiful sunset in the lagoon

These bungalows are uniquely designed, simple and rustic from extern, but the interior is luxurious and extremely modern. There are bungalows designed with private swimming pool, overlooking the lagoon, creating an open space for you to enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the beautiful lagoon.

Luxurious, sophisticated and comfortable bedroom
The modern bathroom in the eco-friendly style and close to nature

Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa Hue is a resort full of luxury romantic and delicate elements, suitable for travel in couple. You can have your meals in the restaurant or romantic meal under candlelight right in your room upon your request.

Ana Mandara Hue

Always on the list of the most popular resorts in Hue, Ana Mandara attracts visitors by its luxurious design, class service, with beautiful private beach of white sand and clear blue water stretching more than 400m.

Ana Mandara Hue Resort & Spa is located right on Thuan An beach, surrounded by rice paddies, Tam Giang Lagoon is picturesque with lush tropical forest, green coconut palm trees, lush lawns and charming lotus pond. The resort is a fabulous combination of ancient and modern in a wonderful location. The rooms at the resort have spacious bedrooms and bathrooms with modern equipment, giving you the perfect relaxing moment.

The unique bathroom is the impressive highlights of the resort

Rest on the couch, listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy the scenery

Ana Mandara Hue is one of the resorts that owns the beautiful beach in this city. Right upon your arrival, you will forget immediately thinking Hue only has ancient tombs and quiet streets. The beautiful landscape here will make you feel like you’re stepping into a different world which beautiful and amazing in every moment of your stay.

Pilgrimage Village Hue Boutique Resort & Spa

Ideally situated on a quiet suburb in a rustic village surrounded by tranquil lush gardens, close to famous historical landmarks, Pilgrimage Village Hue Resort & Spa represents a delicate combination of traditional style and modern art.

Simple yet sophisticated and impressive architecture of the resort
The garden home space gives you the most relaxing moments

The whole resort has 99 rooms with private villas and guest rooms are designed modern and luxurious. Pilgrimage Village Hue Boutique Resort & Spa impresses you with the featured design and well-decorated rooms offering cozy space.Airy room with rustic brick wall and golden light creating cozy space.

Airy room with rustic brick wall and golden light creating cozy space

The space surrounding the villas is green of leafy trees, fresh and amazing landscape. The guest rooms on the second floor of the resort offer open space and beautiful view.

However, the most attraction of this resort that many tourists are interested is the extremely favorable location of this resort. You can visit not only traditional villages around the resort, but also the tourist attraction sites such as Hue Citadel, Seven Royal Tombs, Thien Mu Pagoda, Dong Ba Market and the bridge. There are also other interesting places near the resort to unwind including Bach Ma National Park, Lang Co Beach, Truc Lam Meditation Center, and Thuan An Beach. This resort is definitely an ideal choice for your visit to Hue.

Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort

Staying in top luxury and expensive resorts in Vietnam, Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort is a resort gathering factors to become a dream holiday for you: an eco-retreat where you can immerse yourself in the wild and beautiful natural landscape while staying in the modern design accommodation with high-class facilities and perfect services.

Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort is surrounded by Lang Co Bay, a spectacular view of a famous beach with pristine beauty, tropical forests and craggy mountains.A very nice view of the scenery around the resort.

A very nice view of the scenery around the resort
Private swimming pools in the villas are well designed for you to relax while admiring the beautiful scenery

This resort is considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts attracting domestic as well as foreign visitors with its 32 canal view villas and 17 ocean-facing villas with luxurious furnishings and delicate design. The rooms are designed in the traditional style of Hue, reflecting the history and culture of Vietnam through interior decoration such as Champa sandstone sculpture, Dong Son drum, Vietnamese calligraphy art, Dong Ho painting, water puppetry, silk embroidery, pottery and fabrics with royal purple wall.

Convenient and private villas with swimming pool and private relaxation area
Comfortable bedroom with design inspired by the ancient style of Hue
Comfortable bedroom with design inspired by the ancient style of Hue
The resort’s golf course is surrounded by beautiful nature

This is a perfect resort for your beach retreat giving you a different view of Hue ancient capital, not only ancient features but also offers beautiful natural scenery.